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Myanmar 2004

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Myanmar is one of the most closed countries in the world. It is politically isolated and it is among the poorest in the area. The government is a sinister military junta that rules in an absolutist way. The country is rich in many resources but all the wealth ends up in the hands of the army and the generals. Corruption is omnipresent. Some remote areas of Myanmar are out of limits because some clashes persist with opposition and pro-independence groups. Arriving in Myanmar is not easy, not even from China . Getting around is not a piece of cake either. Myanmar is not a mass destination yet, but it will surely be because it is a fascinating country.

In contrast with its government, the Myanma people are one of the warmest and most welcoming that I have ever met. Together with the people, the landscapes and the monuments make it well worth to endure the small misfortunes of the trip.

The following photos were taken during a 8 days trip at the beginning of September 2004.