(2002) Entrando en casa a la vuelta de un verano en ChinaNorberto Cuenca was born in 1978 in Almansa, Spain. He studied engineering in Madrid and Paris. A trip to China in 2001 was the beginning of the author’s fascination with the Far East. Since 2004 Norberto Cuenca has been based in Beijing, where he lives and works.

The author’s photographic baptism took place while covering a long journey in China’s West in 2002. Since then, he has continued wandering, capturing images across the continent.

In recent years the author has collaborated with European and Asian publications including Geographical, Traveller, El País, La Vanguardia and NOX. He has as well participated in a number of collective and solo exhibitions such as “Bricklayers of Beijing”(Beijing, 2009 and Pamplona, Spain, 2007) “Faces of Asia” (Beijing, 2008) and “Travel Journals” (Almansa, Spain, 2006).

Norberto Cuenca’s photography revolves around the people found in the places he has visited. Ordinary people become the protagonists of stories the author tells with images.


Some of my work:

-La Vanguardia: Bricklayers, Myanmar, Petitioners

-Geographical: The Uygur.

-NOX: China's nightlife, Chinese contemporary art and artists.

-Solo exhibition: Construction - Destruction, Faces of Asia

-My travel blog: Viaje por Asia